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Social-emotional learning (SEL) is the new buzzword in education. You may have heard it’s unacceptable to teach SEL in Christian schools. But the concept of Christian SEL isn’t new! 

Christian school educators have taught character development programs for years. A biblically-immersed SEL program IS a transformative Christ-centered character development program! Here are five ways our Generous Students program can impact your classroom.

  1. Biblical-immersed SEL promotes a Christian lifestyle. Our biblical principles and values develop kindness, empathy, and compassion in your students.

  2. Biblically-immersed SEL integrates a Christian worldview into every lesson. Students are provided with a solid theological foundation for navigating social and emotional challenges, reinforcing their relationship with Jesus. 

  3. Biblically-immersed SEL encourages a positive school culture. Students are equipped with strong social skills, encouraging them to communicate and collaborate respectfully. They use critical thinking skills to problem-solve and turn to a trusted adult for help. 

  4. Biblically-immersed SEL equips students with crucial life skills. SEL promotes relationship-building, social awareness, and self-awareness — key components for furthering their academic pursuits and careers.

  5. Biblically-immersed SEL fosters mental health. Studies show SEL reduces anxiety and depression. Students learn to identify and regulate emotions, implement an attitude of gratitude, and embrace positive coping skills and resilience.

A biblically-immersed SEL program is a powerful way to promote students’ spiritual, emotional, and academic health!! 

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  • Donna Williams says:

    This is very helpful! For many years I’ve been looking for a program that can teach SEL but from a biblical foundation!

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