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Live Life On Purpose!

Make Time for What Matters Most

We commonly hear there is never enough time in Middle School.  We understand and have built our program to fit in homeroom, Bible class, Chapel, or counselor-led learning. Our lesson can be easily implemented through our online platform to plug and play. We have a cutting-edge program that engages students like never before.


Our 6th-8th program includes:

  • 12 engaging units. Each unit includes four well-crafted lessons.
  • 10-20 minute lessons.
  • Plug-and-play options to best fit your classroom and building.
  • Engaging short video stories.
  • Digital access to curriculum.
  • Encourages a habit of gratitude.
  • Morning announcements.
  • Daily devotional for students and educators.
  • The 7 Ways of Living Generously icon stickers.


Middle School is a time for students to find independence, push the boundaries and discover who they are and want to be. In this program, created specifically with middle school students in mind, they will get to be a part of a movement sweeping the world.

Why Generous Classroom?

Story-Based Learning

6th-8th grade will get the opportunity to watch engaging films of generosity and be inspired to empower others to live a life of generosity.

Level Specific Biblically Immersed Lessons

From Discovery, Development and Deep Dive, each grade level is designed with appropriate Biblical teaching. Students will get the opportunity to strengthen their relationship with God and learn that they can choose to be generous daily.

Real-World Experiences

Through these 10 engaging lessons, students will focus on concepts that are part of their life and will obtain real-world experiences. In doing so, learning to live generously moves from outside the classroom walls and becomes an authentic learning experience.

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