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Immersive Experience

Through the lens of generosity and over 10 lessons, students will explore social-emotional competencies while immersing themselves in the 7 ways of living generously- thoughts, words, money, time, belongings, influence, and attention.

Approachable & Meaningful

Along with a friendly cast of characters, the Generosity Giraffe will guide students to encounter generosity in an approachable and meaningful way through the story, song, and multi-sensory activities. The generous classroom will transform the way students interact with one another and open the door to meaningful ways to give and consider their world outside of themselves, creating a refreshed, deeper, and more connected culture. 

Biblically Immersed

Generous Students K-2 Program is Biblically Immersed. Throughout the lessons students will have an opportunity to discover more about God’s Word and how they are fully known, loved and forgiven. In this program, students get the chance to  recite scriptures, apply the meaning of the verse to life, put God’s word into action and even color a Bible Story Poster to keep as a reminder of God’s love. 

Why Generous Classroom?

Story-Based Learning

All of our courses are designed to produce real and long lasting results.

Level Specific Biblically Immersed Lessons

Each level is carefully designed to help the students fully understand the biblical lessons.

Implementation Guide

Not only do you recieve the guide on how to present but we also show you how to implement.

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Kindergarten Christian Schools

Engaging for Students

Student Workbooks

Our printed student workbooks allow all ages to have personal items to encourage generosity. This is meant to be a safe place where they can learn and write down their personal Generous goals.

Daily Gratitude Prompts

We can’t expect lasting change if we do not begin with daily habits. The purpose of Daily Gratitude Prompts is to encourage students to become mindful of their daily thoughts and actions.

Generosity Giraffe - Your class mascot

Class mascot! Yes, we will provide you with a friendly character (Generosity Giraffe) so that you can use him in all Generous activities. He is meant to showcase generosity and gratitude.

Real World Experiences

Whether it be viewing a video, reading a story, participating in a class discussion or being empowered to put Generosity into action, students will be given an opportunity to experience Generosity in real-life situations.

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