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Generous Classroom K-2nd Grade


Generous Students is a comprehensive 10-unit curriculum expertly crafted by a team of over 30 educators, principals, and administrators. It is specifically designed to equip students with the tools and mindset to live generously, foster a culture of kindness, and address some of the biggest challenges they may face.

Lessons are designed to be easy to implement and vary from 10-20 minutes. Our lessons are transformational for teachers and students alike.

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Teach Your K-2nd Graders The Ways To Live Generously

A Biblically Immersed Social Emotional Learning Program that is rooted in the 7 Ways of Living Generously Framework

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Join the Generosity Giraffe and his Jungle Friends on the Generosity Adventure!

Why Teachers Love Generous Students

Join The Generosity Giraffe and his Jungle Friends on the Generosity Adventure!

  • 10 Engaging Units
  • Story-Based Learning
  • Keepsake Student Workbooks
  • Bible Connection Visuals
  • Habit of  Gratitude
  • Multi-Sensory Learning
  • Generosity Giraffe (mascot)
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Story-Based Learning

Join the Generosity Giraffe and his  Jungle Friends on  an adventure through The 7 Ways To Live Generously! Students will fall in love with the imaginative characters from the Generosity Jungle! These delightful read-aloud stories are a student favorite!

Research-Based Curriculum

“We have to prepare kids to learn.  We aren’t just purveyors of content, we are now nurturing the social development of children.  If we don’t get that right first, they aren’t going to be able to learn, flourish, and become successful and generous adults.”

– Dr. Wayne Hammond
Flourishing Life Founding Partner and CSO

Biblically Immersed

Generous Students K-2 Program is Biblically Immersed. Throughout the lessons students will have an opportunity to discover more about God’s Word and how they are fully known, loved and forgiven. In this program, students get the chance to  recite scriptures, apply the meaning of the verse to life, put God’s word into action and even color a Bible Story Poster to keep as a reminder of God’s love. 



James 1:5

Recognize thoughts, feelings, and emotions along with identifying strengths
and unique characteristics as Children
of God.


John 4:19

Practice personal reflection and build skills of empathy to foster strong relational building skills for a lifetime of meaningful connection and community. Discover God’s view and design for life in community in scripture.


Philippians 4:5

Learn strategies for confident emotion management and regulation to foster healthy relationships and independence…then, build a discipline of using prayer, accountability, scripture, etc. to lean into God as the ultimate healer and comforter.


1 Thessalonians 5:11

Learn how to communicate effectively through explicit training. Demonstrate the qualities of a

good friend and strong leader. Use God’s Word as the standard for building and maintaining healthy relationships.


Proverbs 3:5–6

Identify personal and social problems, then use critical thinking skills to manage and solve. Establish a lifestyle of seeking God’s wisdom to make good choices.

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